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Watch the videos where Daniele Nannini explains how to draw and colour:

Daniele Nannini regularly holds workshops and meetings at schools. Notice to teachers: CONTACT US IF YOU WANT DANIELE TO GIVE A TALK OR HOLD A WORKSHOP AT YOUR SCHOOL OR IN YOUR LIBRARY.

Learn to draw with Daniele Nannini Learn to colour with Daniele Nannini


You can compass an animal yourself! Download the sample and purchase the others graph papers.
Try to reconstruct an animal by using only a compass.

Simple instructions are included. This page is also designed for teachers and for school use.
Simply download and follow the instructions 1 [pdf] (panther, tiger, dormouse, raccoon) or the instructions 2 [pdf] (whale, dolphin, hippo, bear).

You can purchase them in the shop section.


Panter   Tiger   Dormouse   Racoon   Balena    Delfino    Ippopotamo   Orso

Pantera Pantera