Dexterity games

You can play two games by clicking on the icons. First choose the animal with which you want to play. Then start the game. You'll need a bit of patience at first, because it might take a while for the game to load (these games are pretty heavy!). Once the game starts, though, you'll need to be quick. You'll also need a good memory and a sharp eye.

In "RECIRCLE" there are circles of various sizes that are available to create your drawing. You'll need to judge by the size of the circle whether it should placed, for example, where the nose belongs or where the ear belongs. The circles provided are just the right number you need to draw the animal... not one too many... not one too few.

In "STOP THE CIRCLE" the circles are shot out at you, and they keep growing until they fade off the screen. Before this happens, you have to stop them in the right position on the drawing.

You can take as much time as you need in the EASY version, or you can see who plays the game in less time by using the MEDIUM and EXPERT versions.