Here it is! Recircle!


First of all, pick the animal you want to use to play the game!

  • The circles you need to complete the animal you’ve chosen are in the round, grey container.
  • You need 12 for the Tiger, 13 for both the Panda and the Mandrill, 14 for the Raccoon, 16 for the Mouse, and 17 for the Owl.
  • The circles come out of the container randomly and in a different order each time you play.
  • Drag them out of the container and put them in the right position to piece together your animal. If you’re successful, the little white cross becomes black.
  • When you’ve finished the game, the music will change rhythm. That way you’ll know that you’ve reached your goal and the clock will stop.

You can begin with the EASY level, which has a timer – you can take as much time as you need – from zero seconds upwards. You can see an image of the animal underneath, and this helps you to put the pieces together.
If you activate SUGGEST, you can play an even easier version. As soon as you drag a circle out of the container, you are given hints about where to place it. If you place the piece in the correct spot, the little cross turns red. Once you’ve gotten used to the game, you’ll be ready for more difficult levels.
The MEDIUM level starts with the timer at 120 seconds and counts down to zero. You have two minutes to complete your animal. You can still see the animal underneath, but it’s much fuzzier.
The EXPERT level is the most difficult one. The timer starts at 90 seconds. You have one and a half minutes to put your animal together and you can’t see the image of the animal under the little crosses! Have fun!