If shipping procedures have not yet begun, you can cancel one or more products within three days of placement of your order by sending an email to


Right to withdraw from purchase contract (return or exchange of a product)
Each product for sale on is covered by the right to withdraw purchase contract, established by Italian law no. 50 of January 15, 1992 and Italian law no. 185 of May 22, 1999.
You have a right to withdraw within 10 (ten) working days from the day you received the product. compasses-zoo provides any necessary assistance regarding the return or exchange of the product purchased.

Conditions regarding the withdrawal right
Within 10 (ten) days of receiving a book (or books) or a T-shirt (or T-shirts), send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt containing:
- A declaration of your desire to make use of the withdrawal right described in law no. 50 of January 15, 1992.
- A description of the product for which you want to avail to the withdrawal right.
- The order number provided when the product was purchased.
- Your bank account information (name of bank and branch, and account number).

Where to send the registered letter
compasses-zoo c/o Daniele Nannini, Via del Campuccio 14, 50125 Firenze, Italy
In order to obtain a refund, send the book (or books) or the T-shirt (or T-shirts) back to the sender with the original packing slip. The merchandise must be returned within 10 (ten) working days after you received it.
Books and T-shirts must be intact in their original wrapping and sent back with adequate protective packaging. Otherwise, it will be sent back to you at your expense.

Reimbursement method
compasses-zoo will reimburse you by means of a bank transfer within 30 days from the start of the withdrawal right period.
The withdrawal right is granted on the basis of Italian law no. 50 of January 15, 1992, Article 3, second paragraph, for purchase amounts that exceed 25 Euros, net of any extra expenses.
In order to benefit from the withdrawal right, the product, and its wrapping, must be intact.


Any litigation arising regarding the interpretation, execution, and validilty of the above-mentioned sales conditions, will be assigned to a board of arbitrators, to be comprised of three members. Each side will chose one according to the forms and terms of article 810 Code of Civil Procedure, and the third one, who will act as President, will be chosen by the first two within twenty days of the nomination of the second arbitrator, that is, if an agreement is not reached after a motion by the most diligent party to the President of the Florentine Court. The decision will be announced within six months of the formation of the board, without counting the period between August 1 and September 15. Florence will be the seat of arbitration.


A purchase is considered valid, and the above sales conditions are considered accepted without reservations, once the merchandise is placed in the virtual shopping cart and the button for finalizing the purchase is clicked.



The following islands are considered the 'Minor Islands': Palmaria, the island of Elba and the Tuscan archipelago, the Aeolian Islands, the Pontine Islands, the Tremiti Islands, the islands of the Venetian lagoon, Capri, Ischia and the Archipelago of the Campagna region, Capraia, La Maddalena, S.Antioco, S.Pietro and the minor islands of Sardinia, the Egadi islands, Ustica, Pantelleria, Linosa, Lampedusa.


Information gathered according to art. 13 of the legislative decree 196/03 "Code Regarding the Protection of Personal Information" and successive changes and additions.

The following information is gathered when the Compasses Zoo website is visited:
1. The host name of the user. The host name or IP address of the user that asks for access to the Association's website.

2. The HTTP header and the user agent, which includes: the type and version of the browser and the operating system used by the browser.

3. System date. The date/time of the visit.

4. Complete request. The exact request formulated by the user.

5. Content length. The size in bytes of each document sent by the user.

6. Method. The method of information request used.

7. Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). The location of the server's resources.

8. The string requested by the URI—all that is found after the question mark in the URI.

9. Protocol. The transmission protocol and the version used.

None of the information listed above is considered "personal information."

The information gathered automatically when the Compasses Zoo website is visited is used to improve our website and to help Compasses Zoo understand how internet users are interacting with the website. This information is gathered for statistical purposes, to determine what information is useful and/or interesting to the user in order to better serve our customers. The information is not used for commercial purposes. Compasses Zoo is not authorized to sell or disseminate the information to third parties for purposes other than those indicated above.

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